Success Stories of Students who Studied Languages in DILS

An undergraduate in the School of Communication learning Korean received a Boren Scholarship to spend the Spring 2013 semester studying in Korea.

An undergraduate art major studying Korean received a CIEE South Korean University Spring Break Program scholarship to spend 10 days in South Korea during UM Spring Break 2013.

An undergraduate School of Music Student studying Polish received a Fulbright Teaching Fellowship in Poland to teach English in Poland in fall 2013.

An undergraduate International Studies major was selected for an internship by the State Department to work at the America Embassy in Stockholm. She studied Swedish in DILS; this was instrumental in obtaining that internship.

A graduate student in Music obtained a Fulbright to continue her studies at the Royal College of Stockholm; the fact that she studied Swedish in DILS was instrumental in obtaining the Fulbright.

An undergraduate majoring in Political Science having studied Turkish in DILS for 4 semesters, obtained Critical Language Scholarships in two different semesters after having successfully passed the required CLS exams in Turkish to return to Turkey twice.