How the DILS program works?

Language possibilities are endless at the University of Miami

 How does it work

The DILS Program is entirely learner centered, interactive, primarily dialogical. Program activities include conversing one-on-one or in small groups, performing oral skits, performing spontaneous role play, giving interviews, pursuing task-based conversations, and periodically using multi-media materials.

The purpose of the program is for you to be comfortable using the target language and to communicate appropriately in a variety of contexts; to enable you to adapt and respond to new linguistic and concomitant cultural environments; to use the language spontaneously to communicate ideas, feelings, opinions. In addition to your study materials, resources  may include television, radio, music, theater, film, and the internet.

Language training in DILS takes place primarily in the target language: you will be working with a native speaker (the ‘Language Partner’) with whom you will be using the target language in your practice sessions from the outset. This will help you to develop the habit of thinking in the target language rather than translate from your dominant language.

You will be expected to learn hands on: with your Language Partner and the other students in your group, you will engage in dialogues, ask questions, do role play. This will give you the opportunity to manipulate the structures of the language; to experiment; to create with the language; you will be able to suggest topics that relate to your field.  Eventually you should acquire proficiency to communicate appropriately in a broad variety of contexts.