Eligibility and Application Procedures

Eligibility and Application Procedure

Students wishing to pursue language study in DILS must submit an application stating their goals and objectives. The DILS Program Director recommends appropriate curricular materials, identifies qualified Language Partners and evaluators for students whose applications are considered. Since establishing the availability of these resources takes time, DILS applications must be submitted in the semester preceding the one for which study is proposed. Students already in the program are required to submit a new application if they wish to continue in a subsequent semester. 

DILS is open to qualified undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Miami. Language study in DILS does not earn credit; however, it is recorded on students’ transcripts.

Application deadlines are posted on the DILS website. Applications must be submitted to the DILS office by the announced deadline. Interested students who miss the application deadline may inquire with DILS if the language they want to study is being offered. Late admission into a current program will depend on available space and whether the program is able to accommodate the student's level of proficiency in the language.

Applications will be evaluated based on their overall quality, stated goals and interests. Students may be invited for an interview.

Orientation and Registration

Students accepted in the DILS program attend a mandatory Orientation Meeting at the beginning of the semester. They sign a ‘Learner Contract’ at that time which constitutes their registration in DILS. The mechanics of the program, academic expectations, policies and evaluation procedures are explained then. Students will meet their native speaker Language Partners at Orientation.


Students establish the schedule of their Practice Sessions among themselves and in coordination with the Language Partner. Practice Session schedules should be worked out no later than at Orientation. In cases where there are scheduling conflicts such that they cannot be worked out, students will have to postpone language study in DILS to a subsequent semester.

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